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Myanmar Treasure Resort Bagan






If you are making trips Myanmar , you definitely want to choose accommodation accessible tourist attractions. This is especially necessary when you travel to Bagan in the tour of Burma 's ancient city you because there are thousands of temples and they are not always close to each other. As a result, we'd recommend Myanmar Treasure Resort in Bagan, a comfortable hotel that you can easily reach the sights of Bagan typical word.




12 am; Check-in, 02:00, both are flexible depending on availability.


Price Superior 61 USD, including breakfast but not including taxes guests 5% and 10% service charge.


Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan is located in the region Bagan Archaeological Conservation, within easy reach of all the rules surrounding travel destinations ancient land and this richness. Surrounded by swaying palm trees and landscaped gardens, the hotel complex is a charming blend of tradition and modern luxury.


Luxury hotel rooms and suites only. Superior emphasize the living area and spacious bed with design and architecture influenced by Bagan Dynasty centuries ago. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as work desk, satellite TV, minibar, bottled water, air conditioning, telephone in the room, etc. Notably, there are unique suites in Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan, which is really a good place to live. It features unsurpassed by any other hotels in any area with a spectacular view of the tropical landscape. The suite features a separate living area, dining area, patio and pool furniture and unique amenities to suit the royal family.


Like other hotels, the Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan rooms, restaurants and cafes to meet the dietary needs of tourists. Enjoy traditional cuisine in Burma Bagan's ancient city is obviously a memorable experience during your travel in Burma. You can feel the history and current time in any dish as well as people and landscapes in Bagan.

Other information

The closest hotel to the sights, you can rent a bike to get those as well as traveling around the city. Convenience, the hotel offers guests a bicycle rental service. For many other hotels, you can use the free Wi-Fi. However, you will have to pay when you are in Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan. For families with children, which is certainly good news that the hotel provides services to caregivers. Parents will have moments of privacy without having to worry about their children. And finally, a very interesting service for people who can fall asleep to wake up call. You will not miss the stunning views of the sunrise in Bagan in Burma tours of you. Decorated with handmade ornaments and artwork unique lacquer, Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan like a celebration of the glorious reign of Bagan century ago. If you really want to immerse yourself in the ancient Burmese in Burma tours of you, do not hesitate to book a hotel room.
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