Kalaw is a town nestled in the mountains of Shan State. It’s wonderful place for hiking. A visit to Kalaw will bring you an extraordinarily impressive experience.

Kalaw is a town nestled in the mountains of Shan State, the center of Burma. Located at 1320m altitude, it was founded as a holiday resort by the British who wanted to escape the hot weather of the Burmese summers. Kalaw satisfies tourist with its cool and fresh weather, the streets covered by green trees and calm atmosphere. A visit to Kalaw as a part of your tours in Burma will allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities for a few days.

1. How to get to Kalaw

By bus: The buses depart from Bagan at 7:30 am and arrive in Kalaw at around 15:00. It will cost 8.5USD per journey for a person.
By train: There is a train service from Thazi. You will pass by the mountains, with stops in the villages and crossing of the jungle. The train leaves Thazi at 07:00, and the first-class ticket is 1USD in price. From Yangon, the direct train costs 2.7USD for a second-class ticket. The first-class one is more little bit expensive. You should be aware that the journey by train is very long (Yangon-Kalaw: 26 hours, Thazi-Kalaw: 14 hours).
Apart from walking, you can rent a bike in Kalaw. This is the best way to enjoy the city.
During your visit to Kalaw, you will find a relatively large number of offers for accommodation, compared to the size of the city. The prices are between 10USD and 20USD per night for a person. The lower price is about 8 USD for a dorm room per night. It will cost you 25 USD if you choose a double-bed room at a hotel which is higher in the standard.
For a meal in a street restaurant, its price is 1 USD.

2. What to do in your visit to Kalaw

Because of its environment and geographical location, the main activity in Kalaw is hiking in the mountains. During your tours in Burma, it’s ideally unwinding that the excursions will be proposed to you in your hotels or guesthouses, with several offers of possible journey. It’s better to ask other travelers to go with you because the discount is often applied to the group of 4 people and more. It will cost you 20USD for a trip in the course of the day, including meals.
There are a number of pagodas to visit in Kalaw, such as the Shweoomin Pagoda. You can also climb Tein Taung, the “Hill of Clouds”, at the top of which you can contemplate the view of the surrounding valley.

Focus on: the Elephant Camp in the Green Hill Valley

A 45-minute journey through the mountains will take you to this elephant camp, which is the house of several animals and their owners. The camp is best at taking care of elephants in the country. You can walk with elephants or even bathe with them. Participating in such tourism activities will encourage the promotion of fair treatment of elephants. So make a pet-friendly action on your trip to Kalaw in Burma!
A trip to Kalaw is a great way to escape from the noises of cities. It will surely delight lovers of hiking and will make a perfect break during your tours in Burma.