The Archaeological Zone of Bagan is today one of the most popular attractions of Myanmar. Located in the area of Mandalay, on the left side of Irrawaddy River, Bagan brings visitors a deep insight into the history of Myanmar.
Spreading over 50 km2, the relics of the first capital of the Burmese Empire will enchant you with their splendor and the spirituality.

1. How to get to Bagan and stay there

As an important tourist site, transport and housing infrastructures have developed considerably in the region.
By plane, it will be very easy to take a flight from Lagoon or Mandalay at the Nyuang U Airport (IATA NYU).
By train, you will have to spend 10 hours going from Yangon or Mandalay to Bagan. It’s not only a cheap means of transport (only 50 USD for a first-class ticket on Yangon – Bagan route) but also a way for visitors to understand the interest of local life.
By bus, you will go to the bus station which is 7km far from the center of Nyuang U. The bus system is cheap and quite convenient. However, buses are often filled. You should consider that if you want to travel by them.
By boat, the journey is possible from Mandalay on Irrawaddy River (taking about 9 hours for the trip). It is a pleasant means of transport for anyone wishing to discover the daily life of the Burmese. However, boats are not available between April and June because of low water level.
You will have to pay a fee of 22 USD to enter the site. Many means of transport are available there, from private taxi to bicycle.
Housing facilities are so many in Bagan. Nevertheless, rental prices have risen exponentially in recent years. Today it is difficult to find a private room whose quality is average at the price of less 50 USD per night.
For eating and drinking, it costs about 4 USD per person for a traditional Burmese meal.

2. What to visit, what to do in your Bagan tour?

The first interesting activity in Bagan is to visit temples. There are about 20 more important temples, including Ananda and Shwesandaw, among 2834 temples there. You can travel by bike around the sites.
Shopping lovers will be satisfied with dozens of small traditional craft shops, selling lacquer ware or traditional clothes. You can negotiate with the merchants to pay by foreign currencies.

When to visit? The site is very crowded; as a result, you should start your visit between 6 am and 8 am and leave between 1 pm and 3 pm (lunch time). From 17:00 is a great time to walk around the site, or enjoy the sunset (between 17 and 18:00).

Focus on: Riding hot-air balloon

The balloon is the most original means of locomotion that you will find in Bagan. It is an excellent to discover the site from the sky, and add a feeling of magic to your visit.
There is 2 companies offer this service:
• Balloons over Bagan (320 USD per person)
• Bagan Ballooning (350USD per person with more intimacy)
These two companies operate between October and April.
Bagan will seduce the lovers of history and places of spirituality. Let yourself be traveled in the past of Myanmar by visiting thousands of temples during your tours in Burma!