Bilu island is a beautiful little paradise near Moulmein. During your customized tour in Burma, don’t hesitate to make a visit to the island of Bilu to discover its natural landscapes and unique local culture.

The island of Bilu, also known as the Island of Ogre, is a fascinating little island located a few cables from Moulmein. It is a very pretty island inhabited by Mon, one of the ethnic groups of Burma. Being the same size to Singapore, it includes 78 villages and a population of 200,000.
During you visit to the island of Bilu, you will discover a place where nature still has its all rights. Green fields as far as the eye can see, rice fields and fruit plantations give the island an atmosphere of tropical paradise.

1. Getting to Bilu Island

During your trip to Burma, you may want to visit Moulmein. In this case, we advise you to make a visit to the island of Bilu, which does not disappoint you.
At present, there is no housing supply for foreigners on the island of Bilu. The last boat leaving the island between 15.30 and 16.30; therefore, if you do not want to rent a private boat, be careful!
The journey takes between 30min and 1h and costs about 1.5USD. You will find both private and public companies to make the journey. Some guesthouses organize the trip for about 15USD per person.
In 2017, it will be possible to reach the island of Bilu by road as a bridge is under construction, which connects the island to the land.
To move around the island, you will probably have to rent a motorcycle taxi or a tuk tuk. Some drivers can speak English, and will make excellent guides if you ask them something. It is about 9USD for the hire of a motorcycle taxi per day, and the double for a tuk tuk or a truck with driver.

2. What to do on the island of Bilu?

The island of Bilu attracts travelers by its very authentic and bucolic aspects, which gives a touch of originality to your stay in Burma. Between green landscapes and traditional ethnic culture, there is so much to discover on the island of Bilu.
The Mon culture is the first culture of the island, which is much protected. More than 70 villages share the territory of the island. The inhabitants live on the cultivation of rice and rubber, as well as their traditional crafts. Mon people are very welcoming; they will not hesitate to share with you some secrets of their know-how.
The different villages have their own specialty. You will learn a lot about the island of Bilu via the manufacture of rubber bands, bamboo hats and wooden pipes. Some of these items will also be great souvenirs for your beloveds or for yourself.
Tong Sone is the largest city on the island. You will find everything you need for dining in curry restaurants and tea rooms. Known for its weaving workshops, Tong Sone is the city not to be missed.
Enjoy the journey through different villages to admire the beauty of the natural landscapes of Bilu Island. It’s really beautiful!
During your customized tour in Burma, if you pass through Moulmein, set aside the journey to Bilu Island. Being fascinated by landscapes and a foreign culture, you will not regret it.