If you have a chance to go to the Inle Lake, which is famous for its on-one-leg fishermen, you should take a day to go to the small village of Indein. As a quiet village on the shore of the lake, Indein is an ideal destination to get away from the crowds. You can discover impressive religious monuments and the daily life of the village inhabitants going about their business. A visit to Indein will be an unforgettable stopper during your Burma trip.

1. How to get to Indein?

Indein is 8 kilometers southwest of the Inle Lake. The easiest way to get there is to take the boat. You can buy a ticket at your hotel or via a travel agency in Myanmar.
The trip to Indein is interesting. If you leave early in the morning, you may have a chance to take a picture of the famous on-one-leg fishermen working on the Inle Lake. Moreover, watching the sunrise on the lake will offer you an exceptional panorama with a mixture of colors that will delight lovers of photography.
The food in the village of Indein is quite diverse. You can find small street restaurants serving traditional Burmese dishes there. In terms of accommodation, it will be very difficult for you to stay at Indein. Therefore, tourists often visit the village in the course of the day.

2. What to do, what to visit in Indein?

In your Burma trip, don’t forget to include Indein in your schedule. The village is extremely impressive by its pagodas and its local market.
→ The market
The local market is held around the Inle Lake. This is an excellent opportunity for visitors to meet the members of the Pa-Oh ethnic group, who come there to sell their products. In addition, you will be immersed in the vibrant local atmosphere and a piece of the local daily life, discovering their craft productions.
→ The pagodas
The village is known for no less than 1000 stupas in diverse shapes and sizes. Some have been restored, others seem to be neglected. This confers a strange atmosphere to the village as if you had one foot in the present and the other in the past. The two most important pagoda sites are Nyaunh Ohak and Shwe Inn Thein.
Most of the pagodas in Nyaung Ohak have not been stores. It is a fascinating place because, due to their degradation, the pagodas are the yoke of nature and plants. Many of these possess magnificent sculptures of being mystical or mythological, such as Naga serpents or Chinthes. It is a mesmerizing place!
From Nyaung Ohak, you will take a short way to reach the second group of pagodas, Shwe Inn Thein. The path to the pagodas is led by vendors of traditional products, such as food or clothing.
Most of the pagodas have been restored thanks to the donors of either Burmese or foreigners. From Shwe Inn Thein, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the picture-like bucolic landscape of Indein and the surrounding area.
It’s recommended for you to visit these two complexes between 8 am and 6 pm each day.
When you go to the Inle Lake during your Burma trip, take a day tour to Indein. The atmosphere of the village and its ancient pagodas will delight those wishing to know about the Burmese authentic characteristics.