Inle lake is one of the most emblematic places in Burma. Charming landscapes and the unique culture there certainly make you unforgettable.

The Inle Lake in Myanmar is a universe with its own right, a unique microcosm of the Burmese life. Fighting for its survival, Lake Inle offers visitors unique panoramas that become unforgettable memories.
On-one-leg fishermen, floating gardens and houses on stilts will enchant the visitors, who will feel completely immersed in the universe of the Inle Lake. Spend your time to explore one of the most emblematic destinations in Myanmar during a morning boat ride, cycling through the countryside or during a stay in the surrounding hills and villages.

1. How to reach the Inle Lake and stay there

You will have no difficulty organizing your trip to the Inle Lake in Myanmar. The transport and accommodation infrastructures are very available.
By plane: The easiest and most comfortable way to reach the Inle Lake is taking domestic flights. The nearest airport is in Heho, which takes you an hour by taxi to reach the Inle Lake. The price for this trip is fixed at 20 USD. The trip from Yangon will cost about USD $ 110 per person, and USD $ 75 from Mandalay.
By bus: It is a less expensive but much longer and uncomfortable. From it takes 12 hours for 20USD and Mandalay, 8 hours for 12USD.
By train: Trains from Kalaw, Thazi and Yangon arrive at Shwe Nyaung in Nyaung Shwe, the town which is 13km far from the Inle Lake and has all of the necessary tourist infrastructures. The journey from Yangon lasts 30 hours and costs about 3USD for a second-class ticket.
Tourist tax: You will have to pay a tourist tax of 9.5 USD to visit Nyaung Shwe and the surroundings of the Inle Lake.
To move to Nyaung Shwe, you can walk to the city without much difficulty. Bike rentals are also easily found. If you stay near the lake, it will be a little more difficult, but you can still find bicycles to rent or take a motorbike or a boat.
In term of housing services, you can find the accommodation on the lake. However, you will have to take the boat for 7.6USD whenever you want to move. If you stay in the town, housing services are very popular.

2. What to visit and what to do in the Inle Lake

Of course, you will have boat journeys on the Inle Lake if you are in this area. With a small tip, the local fishermen will pick up you before the sunrise moment, and the boat tours will take you through no less than 6 stalls offering craft products. One of the typical gifts of the region is the handmade “cheroot” cigars (8USD for 30 cigars).
For lunch, you can stop at one of the restaurants on the lake. They mostly offer delicious and inexpensive food.
You can also rent a bike and go around the lake to visit the surrounding villages. Hiking is also a good way to discover the region. It cost 8USD for a 10-hour day. Notice that the distance reaches 20km, and you should bring a lot of water. You will pass through mountains, forests, and villages inhabited by tribes of mountains. You will have the opportunity to experience real life around the Inle Lake and see beautiful landscapes.
For lovers of the traditional Burmese culture, it’s suggested that you should attend the Aung Puppet Show and visit the Phaungdawoo Pagoda and the Museum of Culture. They will offer you a deep overview of the culture around the Inle Lake.

Focus on: Fishermen of the Inle Lake

Intha fishermen from Myanmar live in houses on stilts on the Inle Lake. It is also their workplace. They run 3-meter-in-length canoes only by a leg on an oar, which frees your hands to handle the nets. It is the only place in the world where fishermen row with their feet, which requires a great deal of balance, agility, and strength.
Inle Lake is one of the most emblematic places in the country, a must-stop one in your tours in Burma. Do not pay attention to rumors, come and discover the unique things about the Inle Lake.