Mindat is a small town in the mountains of northeastern Burma. During your tour in Burma, a stop in Mindat will be an opportunity for you to relax and enjoy magnificent landscapes there.

It is a small town in the mountains of northeastern Burma. Its location (1500m above sea level) gives it a mild climate that contrasts with the one in plains.
If you decide to visit Mindat during your stay in Burma, be ready to be enchanted by the pine forests surrounding the city and the peaceful atmosphere there. Mindat is also known for housing the Chin ethnic minority, whose women are easily recognized by tattoos covering their face.

1. Getting to Mindat and staying there

Unlike major cities in your trip to Burma such as Mandalay or Yangon, Mindat is quite difficult to access due to its location.
If you are leaving Yangon, go first to Bagan. You will then have to take a bus from Bagan to Pakokku, a town on the banks of the Irrawaddy. Another option is to take a boat between these two cities (which will take you 1.5h). There is a shuttle bus from Pakokku to Mindat which transports both people and goods. As the road is so horrible, the journey may take between 6 and 8 hours. There is also a regular bus tour between Mindat and Mandalay.
Be aware that you no longer need a permit to travel to Chin State.
Because of very limited housing supply, you can only choose between 3 guesthouses and a hotel during your visit to Mindat. In general, rooms in guesthouses are clean with minimum services.
For dining, various street restaurants of the city can meet your demand. In addition, a restaurant opened recently and offers local dishes with a touch of French influence.

2. What to do and what to visit during your visit to Mindat?

It is clear that during your tour in Burma, a stop in Mindat will be a breath of fresh air compared to other cities in the country. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, you can discover the daily life of more traditional villages.
Travelers will be able to make wonderful memories of wonderful landscapes and friendly and hospitable population in this mountain town.
The majority ethnic group in Mindat is a branch of the Chin. If you go to the town around February 20th, you can participate in the equivalent of their “national holiday”. Animist religious ceremonies, intergenerational fire dances are part of the festivities.
Chin people are very hospitable. If you walk around the town, you will have the opportunity to discover their culture and traditions. One of the most interesting activities for foreigners is that of playing the local flute with their nose.
Another attractive activity to do during your stay in Mindat is certainly an excursion into forest to discover the landscapes that surround the city. The highest peak in the area (and Chin State) is Mount Victoria, whose eternal snow sparkles almost throughout the year.
The National Park of Khawnu Mthum is a wonderful place for eco-tourists, which is famous for special types of birds. Due to the exceptional relief, the species living there are rare in the rest of Burma.
If you are interested in Buddhist religion, you can visit the Taung Pu Lu monastery. In particular, you can meet and donate to poor children so that they can go to school.
Due to its small size, Mindat is not much attractive compared to other cities of the country. However, during your tailor-made tour in Burma, a stop in Mindat will be an opportunity for you to relax and regain strength before the rest of the tour. You will create unforgettable memories with warm and friendly people here.