Mingun is a small city near Manaday. A trip to Mingun will be a great chance for you to contemplate the magnificent panoramas of River Irrawaddy and visit impressive monuments.

Mingun is a small city which is not far from Mandalay and Sagaing. Due to its geographical location of being on the western bank of River Irrawaddy, a trip to Mingun in the course of the day is a common choice for visitors staying in Mandalay. The city is well-known for Buddhist temples and monasteries which play an important role in history and culture to the region.
If you decide to stop at Mingun during your tours in Burma, you can discover the treasures of the city. Moreover, a trip to Mingun will be a great chance for you to contemplate unique panoramas of the banks of River Irrawaddy.

1. How to get to Mingun

If you organize your visit to Mingun, you will have no trouble in finding a means of transport to reach the city.
Indeed, Mingun is located on the western bank of River Irrawaddy, about 11km from the north of Mandalay. A boat trip between the two cities is actually interesting. It’s an hour by ferry for the journey between Mandalay and Mingun. The price depends on the number of people on the boat.
If you want to travel by road, you can rent a motorcycle for about 15USD per day. However, notice that that the trip is very long (a day to make the return trip).
As most people make the trip to Mingun from Mandalay in the course of the day, there are few tourist facilities in Mingun. For dinner, as in every city in Burma, you can find small street restaurants and enjoy traditional Burmese food at a relatively low price.

2. What to visit, what to do in your trip to Mingun.

During your tours in Burma, it is interesting to get away from Mandalay to discover the hidden treasures of Mingun. The city has a number of impressive religious monuments. A contribution of 3USD will allow you to discover the monuments.
The unfinished Pagoda of Mingun, still called Mingun Paya or Pahtodawgyi, is certainly the most famous sites there. Its construction began at the end of the 18th century according to the order of King Bodawpaya, and it was planned to be the largest pagoda in the world. However, the superstition and discontent among a part of slaves and elites forced the King to stop its construction.
In spite of being ravaged by time and earthquakes, the remains of the pagoda are still very special. You can climb barefoot to the top. It’s especially an appropriate place to contemplate the magnificent view of River Irrawaddy and even you can see Mandalay.
Mingun Bell is another work under the reign of King Bodawpaya. It’s said to be the largest “active” bell in the world with the height of 3.7m.
In addition, one of the most impressive pagodas you will have the opportunity to visit during your tour in Mingun in Burma is the Hsinbyume Pagoda. Being named after the king’s wife who had it built, it’s one of the sacred monuments for the Buddhists. Seven terraces, representing 7 mountain ranges around Mount Meru, lead to the central stupa. Along the way, you can observe the mythical monsters of Buddhist mythology, like the ogres or the Nagasa.
For a city of this size, Mingun features many sublime monuments to visit. During your tours in Burma, the visit of Mingun will become an unforgettable impression of emotions.