Monywa has a lot of potential treasures that can extremely amaze you. A visit to Monywa is a wonderful stop between Bagan and Mandalay.
Monywa is one of those cities whose main attraction is not in the city center but on the outskirts. Monywa is a dynamic city with a lot of industrial activities surrounding it. Along with its main streets, restaurants and small bars awaken at nightfall.
The main attractions of the city are its two large complexes of pagodas, Shwezigon Paya and Su Taung Pye Zed. It is also a starting point for the few adventurous spirits wishing to reach the northern villages by boat.
During your Burma trip, a short stop in Monywa will allow you to discover the charming city in the center of the country.

1. How to get to Monywa and stay there

It’s lucky that your visit to Monywa is relatively convenient in terms of means of transport.
From Mandalay, take 3 hours by bus for approximately 1,5USD. It’s suggested that you should book your seat in advance to have a nice place.
From Bagan, you will have to spend 3 to 4 hours reaching Monywa. You can reserve your seat for a price of about 2,3USD.
If you want to save your time, flights from Yangon and Mandalay arrive at Monywa is daily. However, the price is much higher than the bus; 120USD from Yangon (2 hours) and 80USD from Mandalay (25 minutes).
To move around the city, you can either decide to walk or use the local tuk-tuks.
The supply of housing in the city is quite limited. However, the majority of them offer clean rooms with wifi. Their prices are about 20 to 40USD per night for standard hotels.

2. What to do during your visit to Monywa

During your stay in Monywa in Burma, the city will be actually your starting point to various attractions of the area. Indeed, the area is the home of magnificent monuments dedicated to the Buddhist religion.
Being 20km south of the city, the Thanboddhay Pagoda has magnificent beauty. It was built in the middle of last century and quite different from other pagodas recently constructed. Its unique character comes from 500,000 Buddha sculptures arranged there. Moreover, its exterior ornaments are composed of hundreds of small pointed steeples covered with gold. You will have to pay an entry fee of 3USD to enter it.
4km away is Bodhi Tataung, a religious site characterized by its two immense statues of Buddha and a pagoda covered with gold. One of the two Buddhas stands; its height is 116m, which makes it become the second highest statue in the world. The other is elongated. The inside of the pagoda also deserves to be contemplated in order to discover the frescoes representing the teachings of Buddha.
For adventurous spirits, it’s a good idea to go to the caves of Hpo Win Daung, 25km from Monywa. The caves were dug by men (between the 14th and 18th centuries), creating an extraordinary sight with hundreds of statues of Buddha and paintings.
After visiting the surrounding area, you can easily find something to eat and relax in downtown Monywa. In addition, the local market is an attractive place to discover the typical products of the region and do some shopping.
During your Burma trip, do not hesitate to distance yourself from the beaten path to discover places unknown to the general public. In Monywa, you will discover treasures that are truly worth seeing.