Ngapali beach is considered as the pearl of the Bay of Bengal. A trip to Ngapali will offer you a best opportunity to relax and discover the traditional life of seaside villages.

Imagine a beach of fine white sand, at the edge of the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal, and you will have a very typical image of Ngapali. The city is renowned as the pearl of the beaches of Myanmar.
Besides the image of paradise for tourists, this beach village has retained authentic characters of a small village by the sea. It is a wonderful coastal place during your trips to Burma.
The high season is from November to March. But even at this time, Ngapali remains a quiet city. During the rainy season, the city falls asleep almost, with many hotels closing for renovation.

1. How to get to Ngapali and stay there

Due to its climate and environment, a trip to Ngapali is a relaxing stop during your tours in Burma.
By air: 6 national companies connect the major cities of the country to Ngapali. Thandwe Airport is about 6km far from the beach.
By road: The bus journey from Yangon to Ngapali is very long (16 hours) and a little uncomfortable, even if air conditions are equipped for buses.
Driving a motorcycle or scooter is not allowed for foreigners, even if they have an international driving license. As a result, you can rent a tuk-tuk to go to the fishing villages of Jade Taw or Thandwe.
The most widely used means of transport is bicycles, which you will often find at local hotels and restaurants.
Finally, boats are available that will take you to the beach and various islands of the Bay.
In terms of accommodation, Ngapali follows the price standards of the resorts. Cheap housing services are rare, and better rooms will charge more than 80USD per night.
Most of the dishes served in Ngapali restaurants will be prepared with fresh fish and seafood. Burmese, Thai and Chinese cuisine are present in the city. Large resorts will sometimes have Western-styled menus. You should reserve a table for most restaurants, especially during the high season. Prices are quite affordable.

2. What to do and what to visit during your trip to Ngapali?

There is no doubt that Ngapali is one of the best beach villages in Myanmar, hence, many activities will be related to the aquatic environment. It’s a good idea for you to prepare a brand new swimsuit before going there.
The beach of Ngapali is oriented to the west. Consequently, you cannot contemplate the sunrise scene. On the contrary, the sunset scene is so magnificent. The beach is quiet and offers a relatively pristine landscape.
Walking through the city, you can immerse yourself in the daily life of seaside residents, with the Thandwe market, the pottery village of Kinmaw and the numerous religious buildings such as the Zalun Monastery.
Other leisure options for you can be trekking, boat trip, golf, catamaran and riding hot-air balloon. The experience of riding hot-air balloon is so interesting; however, it’s quite expensive with the price of 380USD per person.

Focus on: Fishing villages around Ngapali

Along the beach, to the south of most hotels, is the fishing village of Jate Taw. A visit to this small village will offer you an insight into local life, which is very different from what in the luxurious hotels of Ngapali.
In a different bay towards the further north, it’s the traditional and rural life of Myanmar, which has remained quite indifferent to the frenzy of modern development. You can rent a bike or take part in a fishing boat tour to discover these villages.
A trip to Ngapali will offer you a little piece of paradise in Myanmar to relax. In addition, the seaside traditional villages make it become a perfect place to discover the daily life of fishermen.