Nyaungshwe is a small city which is the main access to the Inle Lake. A trip to Nyaungshwe will be a wonderful chance for you to discover the dynamic and warm atmosphere of this city.
Located on the northern shore of the Inle Lake in central Burma, NYAUNGSHWE was once the capital of the vast Shan Kingdom.
Today, Nyaungshwe has become a tourist center attracting a great number of visitors, with all necessary transport, catering and accommodation facilities.
Being more charming than any city on the shores of the Inle Lake, Nyaungshwe is a paradise for the tourists on a trip to Myanmar. Moreover, most excursions to the lake depart from the city.

1. How to get to Nyaungshwe

A visit to Nyaungshwe is ideal for travelers who have chosen to visit Myanmar. Several means of transport can be envisaged to get there.
By Plane: The nearest airport is in Heho, 46km northwest of the Inle Lake. You can find a counter to change your money, as well as distributors accepting Visa and Mastercard. The journey between Heho and NyaungShwe takes about 45 minutes by taxi and costs about 23USD.
In spite of being less expensive, public transport is also less convenient. You will first have to go to the center of Heho, 3km southeast of the airport.
By bus: Most buses come to the city of Nyaungshwe. There are some hotels and guesthouses near the bus stop.
By train: The nearest train station to the Inle Lake is Shwenyaung Junction. Between Yangon and Mandalay, you will have to go down to Thazi to change direction. Taking the train is the slowest way to arrive at the Inle Lake (because you will have to spend the night in Thazi). However, the journey is very memorable, thanks to the wonderful scenery of the Shan Hills between Thazi and Shwenyaung.
As mentioned above, Nyaungshwe is a highly touristy place. As a result, housing services are very available and various. The cheapest room costs only 5USD while you have to spend more than 120USD on the most expensive.

2. What to visit, what to do during your tour in Nyaungshwe

During your stay in Nyaungshwe in Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the special atmosphere of the city. Being dynamic and active, city inhabitants transmit their energy to visitors. Notice that you will have to pay a fee of 9.6 USD to access the Nyaungshwe area.
The main street, Yone Gyi Road, welcomes travelers to its restaurants, shops, and other Internet cafes. A stop there is a wonderful idea to discover the daily life or city resident. Food and drink are so delicious and inexpensive.
At the Mingalar Market, you can find local food stalls, traditional handmade items or fresh produce straight out of the lake.
The city, like any other city in Myanmar, has its share of stupas and other religious buildings. The Yadana Man Aung Pagoda is the largest one in Nyaungshwe. Built in 1866, its architecture is an example of traditional Shan architecture.
In parallel to these activities, you will certainly want to experience an excursion on the Inle Lake. This is the main attraction in this area during your stay in Burma.
The city is located about 5km north of the Inle Lake. It’s suggested that you should go there early in the morning if you really want to enjoy your full day on the lake.
Nyaungshwe is one of favorite stopping places of backpackers in Southeast Asia. Moreover, it is on the main route to the Inle Lake. If you choose to make a trip to Myanmar, you will most certainly pass through this city.
Do not hesitate to stop in Nyaungshwe for a day or two, in order to enjoy the warm and dynamic atmosphere of the city.