Pindaya is a quiet and peaceful town on the shores of Lake Botoloke. A visit to Pindaya will be an opportunity for you to meet members of ethnic minority tribes and visit the Buddhist caves.

Located in central Myanmar, Pindaya is a quiet and peaceful town on the shores of Lake Botoloke. The journey to this city of Shan State will reveal landscapes, which are close to those found in Central Europe. Between small rural villages and wide fields forming a patchwork of shapes and colors, the region is populated by ethnic minorities like Danu, Palaung or Pa-O.
During your trip to Myanmar, you may wish to get away from the large and densely populated cities of Mandalay or Yangon. To do so, Pindaya is an interesting choice.

1. Getting to Pindaya

Pindaya is attracting more and more visitors to discover the region by hiking and to meet members of ethnic minorities. As a result, the housing and catering services have grown considerably.
By plane: The easiest way to reach Pindaya is to take a flight from Yangon to Heho, the nearest airport. The flights are daily and take about an hour per journey.
For a flight between Mandalay and Heho, it lasts only 20 minutes.
For the rest of the trip, you can take a taxi. The journey on winding paths through the Shan Plateau, even if it takes a few hours, will allow you to admire the surrounding landscape. It will costs you 50USD for the taxi.
By train: There is a regular rail service via Thazi to Heho and Shwenyaung, the nearest station.
Be aware that like most people, you can book your stop in Pindaya as a part of the trip including also Kalaw and Inle Lake.
To get around the city, even if hiking is the main activity of visitors, you will be able to take the taxi or motorcycle taxi.
In terms of accommodation, Pindaya offers various services. Normally, it will cost you 20 20USD for a room in a budget hotel and over 120USD for a room at the Tharaha Pindaya.

2. What to do during your visit to Pindaya

This peaceful is famous for its limestone caves, enchanting lakeshore landscapes, and the traditional Shan umbrella factory. A visit to Pindaya will delight the people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities.
The Shwe Oo Min cellars, hidden in the hills, shelter more than 6,000 statues representing Buddhas in diverse sizes and materials: white marble, bronze or plaster. At the entrance of the cellars is the Shwe Oo Min Pagoda. It will take you 45 minutes to walk there from the city center. The ticket for admission to the cellars costs 3USD per person.
The town of Pindaya, thanks to its location, offers magnificent landscapes of the lake and a few colonial-styled buildings. For those who wish to have an original view of the city, you can fly to the sky by a hot-air balloon.
The brave will be able to undertake the hiking from this city to Kalaw. This trek will take you to the hills, meeting the ethnic minorities who live there. You will also discover the beautiful scenery of this part of Shan State. This usually takes 3 days and 2 nights. Do not hesitate to book the tour at the tourist center of Pindaya.
A stay in the city will be an opportunity for curious visitors to discover another face of the country. During your tailor-made tour in Myanmar, do not hesitate to stop in Pindaya to meet members of ethnic minority tribes and visit the Buddhist caves.