Sagar is a small town still little known on the shores of the Lake Inle. A visit to Sagar will take you off the beaten path to discover the uniqueness of this hidden treasure.

On the shores of the Lake Inle, Sagar is a small town still little known, a hidden treasure. The peaceful haven with a very bucolic atmosphere is the residential place of different ethnic groups of Burma, notably Pa-O.
A visit to Sagar and the adjacent village of Thar Yarkone will allow you to discover the magnificent landscapes of this region. Moreover, you will leave the beaten track of crowded cities to discover the uniqueness of these two villages and especially the famous immersed stupas.

1. How to get to Sagar?

Sagar is a small town bordering the Inle Lake and still unknown. Therefore, it’s not commonly included in major tourist tours in this region. When you stop at the Inle Lake during your tours in Burma, however, getting to Sagar will be quite easy.
The town of about 1300 inhabitants is located south of the Inle Lake. From Nyaungshwe, it takes about 3 hours of a boat.
It sounds long at first, but the journey is one of the nicest activities you can do on the lake. In addition, the majority of tourists will leave for Indein in the west. You will have the opportunity to fully enjoy your excursion.
The majority of travelers traveling to Sagar go on a one-day excursion. Thus, the supply of housing is very limited in the town.
In terms of catering, there are some very traditional street restaurants for you to taste local dishes.

2. What to do during your visit to Sagar

During your stay in Burma, you will have the opportunity to witness the devotion of the Buddhist believers. The country contains many monuments to glorify the Buddha. The same goes for Sagar; however, it has some particularly unique ones.
In the ancient time, when the Sawbwas still ruled these territories, Sagar was a principality with its own prince. Today, all that remains in Sagar are the ancient pagodas and the monasteries. The town is mainly inhabited by the Pa-O, a hard-working and warm people.
Many of the ancient stupas and temples dedicated to Burmese spirits (the Nats) are in poor condition with the half invaded by vegetation. However, this gives the landscapes a particularly dream-like atmosphere.
The Beluo Chaung River, where Sagar is located, borders verdant fields and a semi-jungle. The colors and the light are combined to give an exceptional panorama.
We find, shared between Sagar and Thar Yarkone, a peculiarity of the region: immersed stupa. Their feet are soaked in water as a result of the successive floods.
To the south, you will find Taungto and its ancient pagodas and pass through the village of Kyaung Kan. The specialty of this village is wearing the robes of monks from lotus, a completely local know-how!
The village of Kyauktaing must absolutely be visited on its market day. It is an important gathering place for many ethnic groups living in the surrounding area. Dressed in their traditional costumes, they come to sell and buy vegetables, baskets or dishes. In addition to the discovery of this know-how, you will be able to taste the delicious food!
During your visit to Sagar in Burma, you can also stop at the village of Lekya, known for its handicrafts around lacquer. The landscape is wonderful, especially when the rays of the sun illuminate the water of the river and the green pastures.
Sagar is one of those places commonly not mentioned in the tourist guides. As a result, during your tailor-made tours in Burma, a visit to Sagar and its surroundings will take you off the beaten path to discover the remotest corners of the Inle Lake.