TAUNGOO is small dynamic city on the edge of the Yangon-Mandalay highway. During your trip to Burma, you will not be bored to stay there because it offers you so many interesting activities to do.

Being on the edge of the highway, Taungoo is a popular stop-over for tourists and truck drivers between Yangon and Mandalay. With its beautiful temples, dynamic and welcoming market and a very pretty little lake, Taungoo is the most worthwhile city between the two big cities of Burma.
During your stay in Burma, do not hesitate to stop at the small friendly city which will surprise you by its dynamism.

1. A visit to Taungoo: how to get there? Where to stay?

Taungoo is about 275km far from Yangon. You have a few choices to get there.
By road: By bus from Yangon, the journey will take about 6 to 7 hours, and will cost 3USD. You can also find a bus tour from Mandalay (6USD).
By train: Taungoo is halfway between Mandalay and many southern cities, such as Bago. Even though the journey may seem difficult sometimes, it is not too uncomfortable and takes 8 hours from Mandalay. There are 3 daily departures From Yangon to Taungoo. It will cost you 16USD for a first-class ticket.
To get around the city, motorcycle taxis and traditional taxis are available and inexpensive in general.
In term of on-site housing supply, it’s relatively limited. However, they are of good quality. It will costs about 30USD for a room in one of the hotels in the city. You can also go down to the Myanmar Beauty Guesthouse. Even if it is not luxury and its services are minimal, you can nevertheless experience the daily life of the Burmese. The guesthouse is rather well located; you can walk to restaurants and bars from there. For a person, it will cost you 10USD.

2. What to do in Taungoo?

Even though many people consider Taungoo just a stopover during a longer trip, you will find enough activities to do during a few days. A visit to Taungoo offers you a myriad of opportunities to visit and discover interesting sites.
The center of the city is polarized around its vibrant market, which is famous for its cigars and betel nuts produced in the hills to the west and east of the city.
At the extreme west of the city lies the Royal Lake, a picturesque place always most loved by young couples in love. Not far from here is the Royal Kaytumadi Hotel, where you can relax with a beer and a good meal. Another must-visit place is the Shwesandaw Pagoda, the most important religious site of the city.
During your stay in Taungoon, you can rent a motorbike and make the two-hour journey to Thandaung Gyi. It is a very pretty town which is located in the rock massif of Bwihikho. It is overlooked by a mountain called Naw Bu Saw, an important religious site of the Karen Christians of the region.
Finally, if you like nature and elephants, Pho Kyar Elephant Camp is about 2 hours drive from Taungoo.
There are few stopover towns in Myanmar that offer as many activities as Taungoon. During your trip to Burma, if you choose to stay this city, you will not be bored.