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Travel to Myanmar

Practical information au Myanmar

Practical information, tips, and useful travel guides to know when planning a trip to Burma, a country not yet much visited by tourists and still little known to the outside world.
Myanmar is full of pleasant and welcoming people. But it is significant to know that due to decades of isolation from the outside world, many routine transactions and journeys will take a lot longer than they would elsewhere; some will be totally impossible, and you may have to be patient with some extremely out-of-date technology and the pace of life in general. You should comprehend some basic information related to visa, telephone, the internet, security, currency, and travel safety.
This section offers you useful help to prepare for your trip and gives you practical travel guide to make the most of your time in Myanmar. Click on the links below for details.

Culture and Discovery

The best time to travel to Burma

The best time...

Burma, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, is a wonderful place to discover for its indigenous culture, architecture and population. The best time to go on a Burma trip is…
March 21, 2017
Burma Visa

Burma Visa

Since the opening of the country to tourism, Burma has established deliberate policies to facilitate the entry of foreign travelers into its territory. However, like any administrative procedure, it is…
March 22, 2017
What to pack for Burma?

What to pack...

That's it, airline tickets are bought, hotels are booked and your guidebook is annotated with all the must-see to visit during your stay. So it's time to pack your suitcase.…
March 21, 2017
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