Myanmar has a unique culture whose many regions have retained their traditions over the centuries. Visiting the street market in Yangon, travelers will have the opportunity to experience a simple and rustic lifestyle by integrating with the local population.

A distinctive feature of Myanmar is the municipal markets, one of the most interesting things that travelers can not miss when making a trip to Myanmar.
In Yangon, the traditional market has existed for a long time. As the name suggests, the market is on the sidewalk. All activities in the Yangon market are a part of the daily life of the Burmese.
Anyone who has once been on the market can never forget the images of a girl wearing a garland of jasmine on hand and cheerfully smiling.
While strolling Yangon downtown, travelers will have the opportunity to enjoy the street specialties of Myanmar such as Nangyi Thoke, Kauknyintok, Koh PUO or Bein Mont … These typical dishes which are increasingly popular with foreign tourists actually reflect the local life.

You can find the familiar image of the Old Quarter of Hanoi with restaurants along the roads of Yangon.

The roadside markets in Yangon sell products that also serve the daily life of people such as eggs, cheese, butchery, fish, and groceries. You should know that the use of spices is considered an inseparable technique from Myanmar cuisine. Each market stall has its unique features: the butcher with a very large cutting board and a sharp knife to divide and slice meat or flower stalls with the girls smiling like flowers.

Every day, from the morning, local people go to the market to buy the necessary products for daily life. The sounds of the shopkeepers, the typical transactions of the market and the colors of goods make Yangon more beautiful and lively in the eyes of foreign tourists.

Therefore, when making a Myanmar travel, do not be surprised to see the faces plastered this special sunscreen.

Even though the country has been changing, which creates unrest and noise in big cities like Yangon, Myanmar still retains an ancient beauty, a traditional beauty of simplicity and nostalgia. If you are in Burma trip, do not forget to take a walk around the street market in Yangon to discover the daily lifestyle and the cultural beauty of Myanmar.

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