Myanmar adventure tours provide you the unique chance to visit remote places of Myanmar where are untouched and unspoiled by large-scale tourism, enjoy stunning natural landscapes and explore the daily life as well as cultural traditions of ethnic minorities. If you have a strong spirit of adventure, do not miss the following adventurous experiences in your Myanmar travel.

1. Green Hill Elephant Camp (Kalaw)

A visit to the remote Green Hill Elephant Camp will be certainly an unforgettable experience in Myanmar adventure tours. Being a joint venture with the Burmese government, the camp provides shelter for a number of retired elephants, whilst working with the local community to reforest over 190 acres of land. Here you will be able to bathe, feed and ride the elephants if you wish. Besides, you can also play your part in the reforestation process by planting a tree on the site. Enjoying delicious lunch at a local restaurant will be a wonderful moment.

2. Discovering Lashio (Lashio)

The characteristic Namp Kyant village on the outskirts of Lashio is the perfect destination for Myanmar adventure tours to explore tiny villages of Palaung minorities in Shan State. The tribes here are skilled at handicrafts, farming, and construction. You will be able to see the fruits of their labor and admire their colorful and distinctive attire. The tour then continues to the hot springs of Lashio, the wonderful place for relaxation. Upon return to town, climb to the peak of Manzi Paya Hill and contemplate the spectacular surroundings from this vantage point.

3. Exploring Kalaw by bike (Kalaw)

The cool and fresh weather here is perfect for a cycling tour through the town. Beginning at the central market, you can observe fresh produce spilling out onto streets and the vendors displaying their colorful fabrics, handicrafts, and jewelry. As you cycle through the town, feel several subtle features of the old colonial architectural left in this place. Just before lunch, you’ll reach the top of the hill, where the monastery offers stunning views. Enjoy a local lunch with appetizing dishes and decide whether you’d like to continue your bike tour or, or come back to the hotel to relax and prepare for next discovery journeys in your Myanmar adventure tours.

4. Hpa-an caves (Hpa-an)

Exploring the Saddan, Kaw Ka Thawng, Kawgun and Yathaypyan caves may be one of the most adventurous experiences during your Burma tours. Saddan cave greets you with a dark and mysterious space, containing Buddha statues, pagodas, carvings, walls covered with glittering crystals, and plenty of bats. Kaw Ka Thawng features slightly less rugged terrain that it has tiled floors, stairwells, and even a swimming hole. The Kawgun and Yathaypyan caves are covered with clay carvings and intricate Buddhas from floor to ceiling. Just as breathtaking as the enormous caves is the remarkable natural landscape surrounding them. Walking in the wilderness outside, you will hardly forget the mountain scenery.

5. Kalaw to Myint Ma Hti cave trekking (Kalaw)

This morning trek with your local guide leads you to the spectacular Myin Ma Hti Cave, home to a very special collection of gilded Buddhist statues. Other treasures contained within the cave include an ancient pagoda which is said to be more than 2000 years old. Close by, the tribal village of Myin Ma offers visitors a fascinating insight into rural Burmese life. Choose from either a further 3-4 hour hike or a vehicle transfer to head back Kalaw. This hard but so exciting journey may be one of the most outstanding impressions in your Myanmar adventure tours.

6. Snorkeling around the Mergui islands (Mergui Archipelago)

Watch shellfish, octopi and an array of fish species as you dive down the sea around the Mergui Islands. You are unlikely to see any other tourists in this region; you have the sea all to yourself.

7. Trekking in northern Myanmar (Putao)

Myanmar’s northernmost state, Kachin state, borders both China and India and features snow-capped mountains and extraordinary scenery at the eastern edge of the Himalaya. Mount Hkakabo Razi is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia with a peak that reaches over 5,800 meters.
Trekking excursions are available in Kachin state from the northern town of Putao for those looking to explore one of the world’s last great wildernesses. Please note that special permission will be required from the Myanmar government to enter this region. As a result, only about 500 foreign visitors can enter this area a year.
Myanmar adventure tours are truly unforgettable experiences that you go beyond your limits to discover the world full of magic in the Golden Temple Country.

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