If you have intention to make a Myanmar trip, you must have questions about the currency or the cost of goods in the country. As a result, we would like to share some experiences with you in this article.


The Kyat is the official monetary unit of Myanmar (1 Kyat = 17.55 VND).
The popular types of denominations in circulation are the 1000K and 5000K notes. The 10000K notes are less common.
You can change your money into the local one in the shops around the Market Sule Paya and Bogyoke Aung San in Yangon.
It’s good to know that at Yangon International Airport, you can only exchange an amount of money from US $ 100. We advise you to bring US dollars in denominations of $ 100 (otherwise the exchange is very bad).
Dollars are not accepted everywhere in Burma, so prepare the Kyat.
On the other hand, the Kyat has no currency conversion value once outside the territory of Myanmar: you will not be able to change any remaining amount of money outside the country.

Currency in Myanmar
As a general rule, you do not need to worry when you make a trip to Myanmar because people are friendly and speak English very well. However, learning about the local currency will facilitate your tours in Burma.

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