Myanmar travel has developed remarkably for recent years. Being considered a peaceful country, Myanmar is a safe destination for visitors all over the world. In need, Myanmar is so very safe in terms of personal security in every area where foreign visitors are allowed to visit. The incidents of crime against foreigners are extremely low. Even the city of Yangon is one of the safest large cities in Asia.
Nevertheless, the number of Myanmar travel warnings you should be aware of so that your Myanmar trip is really safe and interesting.

Safety and security

Most of the Burma people are so friendly and help. Sometimes in your Burma trip, you may feel a little unpleasant by the persistent approach of money changers or people who try to sell something. However, they do in a quite good-natured manner and have no any bad intention to you. Therefore, it’s better for you to refuse them politely.
Being still a poor country, Myanmar doesn’t have an adequate infrastructure system. Roads, pavements and many types of transport are generally in a very bad condition. When walking, especially at night, you have to be extremely careful where you step. Large holes in pavements and bad lighting on streets may make you suffer severe accidents. As a result, it’s good idea that you bring a torch while moving at night.
The areas where foreigners are permitted to travel are totally safe, while others may be not. Some areas of Myanmar, especially border areas, are held by independent national groups that have been at war with the government for many years. Travelers are highly restricted to enter these areas. If you really want to visit them, you will have to need the special permission of the Government.
Large public gatherings and demonstrations should be avoided as there is always the possibility of violent incidents and clashes.
In terms of food and drink, one of the most important Myanmar travel warnings is that tap water is not safe to drink; instead, you should buy bottled water or use drinking water provide by your hotel. Excepting from established tourist and top-end restaurants, food safety does not always meet western standards. Preparing some medicines, such as Dioralyte for rehydration and Loperamide for diarrhea, is necessary.
Myanmar has some poisonous and potentially deadly animals, such as crocodiles, Burmese Pythons, and mosquitoes. Rabies is prevalent among animals like dogs and monkeys and can be extremely dangerous for humans. Snakes bites can also cause illness and death. It’s essential for you to be aware of these Myanmar travel warnings.

Women traveling alone

Women who travel to Myanmar by themselves are unlikely to encounter any problems. However, too short outfits or bare shoulders might attract some unwanted attention or accusing looks as those are not appropriate to the Buddhist culture in Myanmar.
Women are sometimes restricted from specific areas of religious sites. For examples, they are not allowed to touch the golden rock itself in the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda although they are free to move around the pagoda. Physical contacting with monks should be avoided while a friendly conversation is totally acceptable.

Disabled travelers

As mentioned above, the infrastructure in Myanmar is quite poor, which may be very difficult for disabled people during their Myanmar travel. Only a few hotels have facilities for wheelchairs, and buses and trains never do.
Although Myanmar is a peaceful and friendly country, there are particular Myanmar travel warnings that you should keep in mind so that your Burma trip is really safe and pleasant.

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